We achieve the very best for our clients’ corporate packaging needs by fulfilling a commitment to innovation and quality. Gintzler International delivers exceptional service using the latest in print and inventory management, investing in our people and technology.


  • Prime Labels

    We can supply the most basic needs to the more complex requests of four-color process, or up to ten-color labels to service high-end consumer product markets.

  • Hinge and Extended Content Labels (ECLs)

    Our Hinge and Extended Content Label technology offers a viable solution for packagers who are challenged with incorporating increased copy in limited space. These labels are perfect for regulatory information, warning statements, directions for use and multilingual instructions. In addition to longer runs, we are capable of supporting small lot, SKU intensive demand for test marketing and new product launches using the latest in digital and laser technology.

  • Spot Piggyback Labels

    Piggyback labels offer increased flexibility of content and allow the transfer of information from one item to another. This solution provides an added level of security for traceability and supports chain-of-custody initiatives.

  • Shrink Sleeves

    Gintzler provides clients with innovative packaging solutions that include full body wraps and security seals. This technology provides tamper-evident security and utilizes 360° coverage for full graphics and product identification.

Innovative Packaging Solutions for the Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry

  1. Detachable security/tamper-proof features and warning areas
  2. Removable label (piggyback) for parts documentation
  3. Printing on adhesive side for added copy—can be designed as a hinge or ECL
  4. Indicators activated by temperature or light
  5. Transparent window with UV protection
  6. Hologram or specialty foils for anti-counterfeit protection
  7. Taggant (covert or overt) security for anti-fraud protection
  8. Micro text for product authentication—visible only under magnification
  9. Printable area using special varnish/inks for post printing of variable data and e-pedigree requirements
  10. Tactile elements for non-slip and braille applications
  11. Tamper evident security features
  12. NFC capability for interactive applications
  13. QR codes for online information

Solutions Beyond Printing

We provide full print management services, leveraging the following:

  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system—offers scheduling flexibility and supports full chain-of-custody initiatives
  • 3D packaging software—presents clients with samples for product mockups and trial testing
  • Comprehensive job-management system—welcomes customer input in every step of the production process
  • Vendor managed inventory (VMI) system—improves customers’ order accuracy, reduces waste, minimizes obsolescence and increases warehouse efficiency
  • Online web portal—allows for immediate response time, 24/7
  • Digital technology—supports speed-to-market and SKU-intensive, small-lot runs
  • In-house, cross-functional innovation team—collaborates for new product and process development, problem solving and sample testing
  • 3PL and consignment programs—delivers customized inventory support